The Company was incorporated in Bermuda on 3 December 1996 with its Shares listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange since 20 January 1997.


The Company is the holding company of a diverse group of companies that are embracing synergies of two principal business segments, namely, provision of casino management services (operating under its trade name or brand “LT Macau”); and the development, sale and leasing of electronic gaming equipment and systems (operating under its trade name or brand “LT Game”). Such synergies provide the Group a unique and privileged position in the Macau and overseas gaming markets.

Main Business
Gaming Equipment

LT Game envisions to take on a leadership role to be one of the worldwide leading gaming equipment and systems suppliers for the development of table game automation and innovative technologies that improve game efficiency and optimise operations with a view of bringing patrons an experience of the perfect harmony of high technology and gaming. LT Game’s first and core flagship product is the patented LMG system which has seen tremendous demand from Macau and overseas casino operators. The Group is the investor, patent owner and sole provider of LMG terminals and dominates the ETG market in Macau. In addition to the LMG system, LT Game has been investing in developing slot machines and other ETG machines. LT Game has started to launch these self-developed machines in local Macau, North American, and other overseas markets successfully, and shall progressively launch more new machines for the expansion of overseas as well as local Macau markets. Other high-tech gaming related products include cutting-edge technologies such as automatic intelligent robots, face recognition systems and a variety of new types of AI devices and game management systems. LT Game has missions to provide comprehensive solutions in response to the development needs in the future and become a leader in the global gaming equipment market. The Group shall continue to place investments on innovation and development of electronic gaming equipment and system.

Casino Service

Since 2007, LT Macau has positioned itself as a casino management service provider focusing on mass market patrons for satellite casinos in Macau upon the commencement of Group’s service contract with SJM for the provision of casino management services in Casino Kam Pek Paradise. In 2014, the Group entered into another service contract for provision of casino management services in Casino Waldo, a satellite casino of Galaxy in Macau, which expired on 29 February 2020 after the Group had determined not to seek renewal or extension of the service contract. LT Macau sets itself apart from its peers by offering patrons affordable minimum bets which attract a large, diverse and loyal patron base, and achieves a notable edge by leveraging technology to lower its operational costs and increase game efficiency and productivity.


In addition to gaming business and in recent years, the Group (operating under its trade name or brand “MedicTec”) has invested increasingly in research and development on high-tech healthcare innovative products seeking to integrate accuracy with advanced technologies of AI for the betterment of daily management of health conditions. The Group has successfully developed and launched smart wear products which use AI to collect, track and monitor real time health data and information such that users can manage their health conditions more efficiently for better quality of life. Whilst MedicTec is advancing towards a world-class personal real-time sports health data management companion for its users, the Group is committed to providing end customers with high-quality one-stop service on smart health, smart sports, smart home and wireless communication product integration solutions.

LMG market share in Macau
around 1,000
LMG terminals linked in Casino Kam Pek Paradise
over 5,000
LMG terminals deployed globally
ETG market share in Macau
Gaming tables in Casino Kam Pek Paradise
HK$ 761.7 million
Total GGR from Casino Kam Pek Paradise in 2021