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LT Game LogoThe Group's gaming system and equipment supply business is conducted under its subsidiary- LT Game Limited.

LT Game is one of the major gaming equipment providers in Macau and in the Asia Pacific region. Some of its avant-garde gaming products include the Live Multiple Game System (Which broadcasts live dealers to multiple terminals and supports multiple table betting on the same terminal) and the Paradise Jackpot System (Baccarat Side-Bet Progressive Jackpot). Both of these technologies have been patented in Macau, USA and PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) countries. LT Game is striving to be at the forefront of the global gaming industry, rapidly expanding its business in Macau and abroad.

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Live Multi Game Machine (Patents granted in US & Macau)

Our Live Multi Game (LMG) System provides first-rate live table gaming and is unparalleled in the electronic gaming world. It does not only preserve the essential element of the table game, which is the dealer-player human interaction, but is also built with a sophisticated high-tech platform. This allows players to play different types of games on different tables while being on the same terminal. Furthermore, casino operators can use our system to offer their table players all sorts of marketing promotion programs. 

LMG system can offer various games to casino operator.

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With more than a hundred in-house IT technicians, apart from LMG system, LT Game also provides and develops following gaming systems and products.

  • Casino Management System
  • Live Multi Games Management System
  • Table Management System
  • Cage/Cashier Management System
  • Patron Management System
  • Power Casino Link
  • Paradise Jackpot (Patent granted in Macau)
  • Power Tournament
  • Power Online Game
  • Advanced Live Multi Game
  • Power Social Game
  • Power Mobile Game
  • Intelligent Card Shoe
  • Airline Concept Betting Terminal
  • Intelligent Cash Access Redemption Solution
  • E-Baccarat Table
  • Robotic Dealer
  • Slot Machine

For more information, please visit out LT Game website: http://www.ltgame.net


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