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Paradise Entertainment Limited

The Company was incorporated in Bermuda on 3 December 1996 with its Shares listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 1180.HK) since 20 January 1997. The Company is the holding company of a diverse group of companies that are principally engaged in provision of casino management services, and development, sale and leasing of electronic gaming equipment and system.

The Group has been active in the Macau gaming market as a casino management service provider and a gaming equipment and system supplier since 2007. The Group is currently the sole casino management service provider to 2 stand-alone satellite casino properties in Macau. The Group is also a major gaming equipment and system supplier in Macau and overseas.

In 2007, the Group entered into a service contract with SJM for provision of casino management services and has since then positioned itself as a casino management service provider focusing on mass market patrons for various satellite casinos of SJM in Macau. In 2014, the Group entered into another service contract for provision of casino management service in a satellite casino of Galaxy in Macau. The Group sets itself apart from its peers by offering patrons affordable minimum bets which attract a large, diverse and loyal patron base. The Group’s edge is made possible by leveraging technology to lower its operational costs and increase game efficiency and productivity.

On the other hand, the Group is one of the leading gaming equipment and system suppliers worldwide. The Group specialises in developing table game automation and innovative technologies that improve game efficiency and optimise operations. One of the Group’s core products is the patented LMG system which has seen tremendous demand from Macau and overseas operators. The Group is also committed to investing in extensive research and development to create products that simplify game process, minimise labour costs, optimise game productivity and enhance player experience.

On 25 April 2016, the Group entered into the Agreement with IGT, pursuant to which the Group has agreed to grant to IGT the exclusive rights to make, have made, use, sell, offer for sale, import, license/sub-license, and otherwise exploit the Licensed Products worldwide (other than Macau), which involves the assignment and license of the Patents and associated technology in relation to the Licensed Products for the purpose of facilitating the exercise of the exclusive rights by IGT for a term of 15 years. Further details of the transaction were discussed in the section headed “Management Discussion and Analysis” of this annual report and were disclosed in the Company’s announcement dated 26 April 2016 and the Company’s circular dated 21 June 2016.